Thursday, December 4, 2014


It has been so long since I have posted.  Not because there was nothing to say but only because there was no time to say it.  I am thankful for change regardless of its uncomfortably.  It continues to remind me that regardless of my past mistakes, areas of great failure, and times of uncertainty I do not have to live in them forever.  I like many other have a tendency to get weighted down by my past and many times allow it to control much of my day.  Today I choose to live in the moment.  I choose to allow God through the working of His word to strip from me all that is dead or dying for the sake of new life.  Just as the leaves fall from the trees let all that keeps me clothed is brittle decay fall to the ground.  Even if I lay bare for a period of time it is better than being shrouded in death. Today I choose life over death.  Healing over sickness.  Sight over blindness, and joy over sorrow.  Today I choose change for the sake of new growth!

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